Nothing to do with guitar


I always liked those stories of young musicians who got their first instrument during their youth. I was reading the wikipedia page of Bryce Avary, the sole artist of The Rocket Summer, and discovered his father bought him a second hand guitar from a pawn shop for a few bucks, starting the whole music thing. Now, this guy is a multi talented artist playing every instrument of a pop band.

There probably is hundred of stories like this. Joe Satriani mumbling awesome tunes on a crappy guitar, the Jackson five singing together around a Sunday meal. However, what got stuck in my head was the fact that they were given the chance, while they were young, to learn when it was the easiest for the brain. Making it, consequently, too late for the rest of us (me in particular) to learn anything.

I was missing the point slightly. (My kids will definitively be encouraged to learn music at some point though)

The obvious, positive to remember is that anybody, with enough work (yes, it gets harder with the age), can learn everything. So last week I started building 3D things with Blender, an Open source software equivalent to Maya, used to create 3D models, animations, realistic images, etc... Following advice from a colleague, I watched a few tutorials while trying to do the same thing with the tool.
It's not the first time I tried to learn Blender but somehow this time was the right one. A few videos later and I can mostly achieve a basic scene with ok light and water simulation. This is not as good looking as what can produce a full fledged artist but hey... it doesn't look that bad, does it?

The Ring

This is such an incredible feeling to achieve something new. So nice that I often tried to grab that feeling again by learning something new over and over when I should focus in mastering this new thing I now know.

I did learn a little bit of guitar for example. Stopped after a year. I wasn't that bad really but... I don't know. I just hope it's boredom and not cowardice when the game starts to be more challenging.

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